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Solent Bottled Gas Supplies Sell Calor Gas bottles and cylinders

About Solent Bottled Gas Suppliers

Solent Bottle Gas Supplies are suppliers of calor gas cylinder serving our customers here in Hampshire for many years. We offer any size refillable cylinders for most industrial and domestic appliances & equipment, for any season at competitive prices with free delivery as standard.  We also boast our own parts and servicing department, in order that we offer a complete service for our customers.


Solent Bottle Gas Supplies are taking a greener approach to energy saving with up to date safety features including the new anti-tilt function & easy fit regulators fitted with a gas trac, a device that allows you to monitor your gas use!

Solent Bottled Gas Supplies can provide Calor Gas Cylinders with free delivery All  purchase made through this site are made using PayPal.